Friday, 25 February 2011

Who is this God?

when i was young, very young that is, i had my view of God, He was to always watching me, and if i made a mistake He would make sure i was punished.

Apart from this i remember i used to love Him, that kind of love that makes Him part of my every day business. I remember at play times, i thought of what He want me to do, i was so much in the desire to go to heaven. If there is anything i miss of my Child hood, it is this innocent love for Him, Just him and the heaven we were promised in sunday school.

Some where along the way, i discovered that when you are obedient, He rewards you, and a new relationship evolved, that of i love and obey Him for what He can do.

I obeyed to avoid bad things happening, not because i loved Him, not that i stopped loving Him, Love stopped being the motivation of my service, i was driven now for desire to become and motivated by his being able to take me there.

So my relating to Him have developed along this lines, i have done alot for God, at times coz i love Him and so many times because of many other factors. this has definately affected the way i relate to Him, and how much i can enjoy Him.

This not having a clear picture of who God is, makes our worship incomplete, we can not enjoy Him wholly, neither please Him completely. I will take time and discover the attributes of our amazing God and father and in the process hope to know him, love him and obey Him.

Will u join me?

Wednesday, 23 February 2011

First Things

I always wanted to have a blog, just a place to express my thoughts and hopes in God and the many struggles that daily color our Christian walk.

I just want to use this to journal my daily walk with God, the daily strains, the triumphs and His love.