Thursday, 29 September 2011

Being a friend

We are required to treat others just a we would like to be treated, to honor and trust others just we want them to honor and trust us. Those who live under strict codes of conduct shd show some grace to others whose living is relaxed and full. Above all we should strive for the good of the others and treat them as beyond reproach. This test of love is the most difficult of all, to let go of selfish and self seeking interests and seek just the good of others.

Christ showed us this kind of love and is so difficult, we called to love and accept, at times you feel like complaining, been angry and all, but love calls us to complement and appreciate. I wonder what currency of buying friendship is, and i will stock pile love and friendliness in me. I would want to be without envy or selfishness, i would to purely rejoice in good of others even if it means i be down trodden, and you what that what Jesus Did He gave up all for those who would not and possibly will never love and accept Him.

I guess my prayer should change to a search for a loving heart, that this heart of mine will be loving, just as Christ's. seeking to spend and be spent for the good of others, regardless.

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