Sunday, 5 June 2011

Dark Days or silent years?

In the past, we are told of the many silent years between the old and the new testament. No word was received from God and many heretical texts were written from the knowledge of men. As men tried to fill the void of God voice with their own wisdom and understanding.

Quite often i have found myself in this void, times of dryness when fellowship with God and even with men is cut, while all lone in this desert many are the voices of deceptions that have led me astray from the main stream of His love and fellowship, Filling my heart and mind many a times with strange  ideas and persuasions.

But like in the history of the Jews, He came with even a great glory than was before the silent dark days, so i believe and know, my future with Him is even more full, more joyous and more complete than have ever been.

Am so grateful for His salvation, so freely given.