Thursday, 12 January 2012

The Work Place

Day 3
Oops, i have missed a day...

Today's Scripture readings: Genesis 2 0:1 - 22:24, Matthew 7:15-29, Psalm 9:1-12, Proverbs 2:16-22

Genesis 20:1-22:24, is the story of Abraham living in the land of the philistines where God fulfilled the promise of giving him a soon. i think the most famous sections of this passage are when Abimelech took Sarah, when Issac was born, when God provided water for Ishmael, when Abraham obeyed God and choose to sacrifice his son.God will always watch over us and all that He has given us when we are faithful to Him, regardless of who or what opposes us, we can always have that assurance that at the end we shall triumph. Abraham prospered in a foreign land, was respected and feared because God was favoring him in all He does, walking with God will enable us triumph in our work places and business regardless of what opposition we may face.

We should not sacrifice our relationship with God, as we seek progress in business or career, we should always be ready to give all for Him, many loose their faith to keep their jobs, Abraham choose to give up his only son, so he could obey His God, he received him back from God so to speak with even more confirmation of what great things God intended for him, we today are beneficiaries of this act of faith. Lets not neglect our walk with God for anything.

A key phrase of this passage should be "In the mountain of the LORD it will be provided", most true, most accurate statement of all times, what we want, it will be provided at the mountain of God. There is that psalm that talk of them who can stay/stand in the mountain of God, i will check it out later.(I got it :) psalm 15).

Matthew 7:15-29, i guess i am been biased in the way i look at the passages, as mainly because i want to relate them to the theme of prayers today which is the work place. The first part of the passage is a warning against false prophets, Jesus said the only way to tell bad from good is looking at the fruits, i want to relate this to many persons who may give your counsel on how to about your job or business, they may be well intention  but are their fruits good? do they walk with the lord? on the the flip side are we in the work places true or false prophets, lets ask God to help us that in all that we do, that we shall be true to His word and we represent Him well.

Finally the passage says, it will do us a lot  good to practice His words (i think in context here of the sermon on the mount), i think it will be really nice if we were to look at the sermon on the mount with specific to our conduct at the work place.

Psalm 9:1-12, It is a call to sing praise to Him, He has overcome our enemies, it is also a call to trust Him more, for He is  a refuge for the oppressed, a stronghold in times of trouble. Even as we pray, we will have the confidence that He has vanquished  our enemies, and given us victory.

Proverbs 2:16-22, it continues to extol the benefit of wisdom and retaining the word of God, it will keep us in the right path and save us from harm, it ensure our permanent blessings while the evil ones will perish. lets then pray that God will help us walk in wisdom and also pray that those we work with/for will too find the way of truth and follow it with all diligence.

DAY 3 January 11, 2012
Genesis 2 0:1 - 22:24, Matthew 7:15-29, Psalm 9:1-12, Proverbs 2:16-22
• Pray for colleagues, and the organization you work for
• Pray for the your colleagues by name
• Pray for those that do not know the Lord that they would know Him
• Pray for those who know the Lord that they would be salt and light to others (Matt 5:13-16)
• Pray for the prosperity of your organization (Gen 39:2)
• Pray that ungodliness will be uprooted in your organization
• Repent for the sins committed and any kind of injustices in your organization