Monday, 23 January 2012

His Joy and Satisfaction

Today is Monday, to many, Mondays are not the best of the days, most are sluggish and still hooked to the less formal and relaxed weekend activities. Well that applies if you are not like me, i always desire that i will hit Monday running and the best Mondays to me, are those following a Sunday night spent in front of my laptop, being an inspiring geek, it quite a high for me.

Well today am happy and at peace, it is surprising, and i am so grateful to God for giving me this peace in my heart. There is a reassuring joy that fills ones heart when they have spent time with God, when there is nothing hindering your communion. There is those words in Psalms 103: 5 "who satisfies your desires with good things so that your youth is renewed like the eagle's", i held on the them during new year's eve, i still hold on them today as i await on Him, for He has blessed me, and Has prospered me, He has taken disgrace and sin from me, clothing me with His grace and glory. Isn't He great and awesome?

Lets all acknowledge Him and His power and His deeds, I worship you great and awesome God, who sits on the throne, administering justice to all. I echo the words of Hagar: Genesis 16:13 "The One who sees me". Indeed He is the one who sees me, in joy, in pain, He never lets go. When i am rebellious He stills calls me to Him, when my heart burns with love for Him, still He is there for me.