Monday, 15 August 2011

Levels of Prayers

Today i was watching a movie, an escape from boring afternoon, there was this girl in midst of destruction, war and hopelessness it brings, she was praying. Not for things, nor peace or such things we would pray for at such times, she was asking God to show her what she could for Him.

It reminds me of the prayers i used to make sometimes back, i hardly prayed for needs though i had a lot of needs, i prayed that He may help me be right with Him, at times i would pray for needs and His favour always followed me.

Today i mostly pray for needs, though i have lesser needs, my intimacy with Him is almost gone. I need to pray again for Him to fill me, i need to seek Him for Him.

The kinds of prayers we make could so clearly tell us where we are in relationship to Him.

1 comment:

  1. i look at prayers david used to make, you can tell he was indeed a friend of God. i want to be His friend too